Proven Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Cognitive abilities have been almost everyone’s desires. No one wants to have the same mental ability for more than a day, talk less of a month, and that is why we are learning, going through different experiences which shape our thoughts and ideas. Everyone is improving on a daily basis based on the environment and the kind of life we live.

But is there a set path to boosting our brains? Are there standard ways that one can work with to elevate his level of intellect at any age?


Well, there is this saying “you can’t teach old dog new tricks” and having spread throughout the whole world, it has been assumed that the brain’s capabilities can never change no matter what. That, people at their old age cannot raise their mental ability which isn’t really the case. Anyone at any age is able to become more mentally strong no matter the age one has. So if you are student looking for ways to sharpen your understanding or a mother seeking proven ways to improve your mental performance or a professional worker wanting to stay on top by enhancing your memory, there is good news for you, it is very much possible to do that!

And here are easy-to-work with ways that have proven to work for all of us to boost our brains:

1. Taking a Brain-improving Diet

In the same way our bodies need food that is well cooked and nutritionally balanced so it is with the brain. And surprisingly enough, the regular foods we take to keep our bodies physical fit and healthy are the same that will help to boost our brains too. Foods like vegetables, healthy fats, and oils like olive oil, fish and nuts to mention but a few make a huge positive impact in our minds. And to expand more on that, here are some nutritional tips you will want to work with:

• Be a fan of green tea – There are free radicals that can damage the brain cells and bring problems to one’s mental health. And the only way that the problem can be prevented is by taking in antioxidants found in polyphenols that are present in green tea. And that is why green tea has a good reputation for increase mental alertness.

• Stay away from high-calorie diet – Foods rich in saturated fats like whole milk, cheese, butter, red meat and cream have been found to cripple the brain and bring about dementia.

• Befriend Omega 3’s – Research shows that omega 3 in fish, especially “fatty” fish like tuna, sardines, trout, salmon and herring are good for brain health and concentration.

2. Look out for Mental Illnesses and Treat Them

Are you having a problem with retaining information? Losing memory frequently is a possible sign of mental issues and it is recommended that you visit any health care centre and get checked up. You should also note that it’s not only Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that affect the memory, mental disorders may also be caused by other diseases like:

• Diabetes – People with diabetes carry along with it the issue of cognitive decline. It was noted that the diabetes’ patients suffered alot mentally than those who don’t have it.

• Medical drugs – Taking pain killers and buying over-the-counter medications for allergy and depression among others may affect one’s clear reasoning and memory.

3. Taking Breaks

It is important to give the brain a rest. Going for scheduled breaks and getting some fresh air from time to time helps the mind absorb nutrients from the atmosphere that helps in relaxing and boosting brainpower. It also helps you digest all the information you have gotten from the experiences you have gone through three to four hours ago upto the extent of a whole day, if you have good mental strength. This enhances the memory and allow most of the information to be stored in the long term memory which stores it for a long time.

Ensure that you undertake tasks according to your handling capacity. Don’t overwork yourself to meet deadlines. Take time to work on each project and do it well enough. Do not multitask or set goals that you know will are not realistic. This will just strain your brain.

4. Doing the Brain Workout

When you are reaching adulthood, you already have multiplied the neural pathways in the brain that have given you the ability to grasp and understand things much faster, get solutions to some problems you are having and put perfect ideas into action. But you obviously don’t want to get stuck onto the same tasks all your life as this won’t get your mind provoked to new heights. You need to get into new stuff that will stimulate your mental strength and ability in order to develop.

5. Don’t Forget the Physical Workout Too

In as much as the brain exercise is worthwhile, the regular physical fitness shouldn’t be ignored. Physical workout helps to bring in more oxygen to the brain, keeping it on toes and minimizing the chances of getting disorders like diabetes that cause memory loss. Also, it influences new connections in neural pathways and stimulate all the factors of growth.

If you want to have your brain develop its level of awareness and understanding, you will have to use it regularly, remember to keep fit and healthy. This will helps you achieve that quickly, but you need to be consistent with what you do. You have to make sure that you exercise the brain at least twice a day and you are going to see amazing results in weeks. You will start noticing great things you previously didn’t, solving problems that took you months to figure out and keeping information for long periods of time.