The Best Ways to Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Customers have always been concerned about how they use their valuable money. As they have a strong hold on their purse strings, they always look for excellent products and services as well as value for their money. So how will you meet their high expectations? Being a marketer or business owner, you need to know what marketing strategy is going to work best for you. However, marketing mediums like BulkSMS is an excellent way to communicate with your existing clients and also helps in increase of sales and business growth.

Marketing is an essential part of any business. If your target audience doesn’t know the existence of your business, how will they purchase your products? According to a recent survey, most companies waste 10% of their marketing budget on ineffective strategies due to poor planning and execution. It’s essential that you get the return on your marketing investment and assure that you’re putting your money to good use.


Always review your products: Before you decide whether to improve your products or services, evaluate what you have. How well are you meeting the needs of potential customers? Which units are selling well and which needs to be dropped? Talk to customers and find out what they actually want. Subscribe to magazines and newsletters related to your industry in order to find out what’s going on in your sector.

Use direct response mail: Since, you start to create a mailing list of customers, make sure you are interacting with them on a regular basis. Send a newsletter once or twice a week that contains information relevant to your new offers. Moreover, send out coupons for your products once or twice a month to attract the target audience.

Transactional SMS: If you’re using lists to engage consumers, or just want to convey your ideas to enhance retention of existing customers, transactional SMS is the best option for you. Transactional SMSs are those messages that are transmitted to update customers with information essential for using your products or services. Transactional SMS is delivered to DND numbers as well.

Offer value-added services: You can also provide your customers with new value-added services instead of investing in a fresh stock like free delivery, technical support, free returns, discounts, and special offers. With these services, you can increase loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

Broadcast Advertising: Broadcast advertising can be a great option due to its ability to reach particular target audiences. Television advertising is more convenient than any other type of platform, thanks to a broad range of networks with niche programming.

Public relations: There are many kinds of PR, i.e. special events, promotions and satellite media trips. The lower-cost strategy includes articles written for targeted portals or websites. Another easy way of marketing is blogging. Simply, post your blogs on various free platforms and social media.

Print advertising: Print media can be an excellent way to display classified ads. You can buy local or national editions of several consumer magazines related to your sector. And, if you want to market in selected cities but find the daily newspapers too expensive, consider alternative weeklies.

When you are going with a small or almost non-existent budget, there is no reason for not being able to promote your business. Start by following all above -mentioned tips – you would be amazed how far they can take you.