Keeping The Outdoors Maintained

Working on the grounds of any business means several things. If it’s a small business, then the job might be as simple as keeping the trash picked up while a large business might require that you mow the lawn and manicure the bushes. There are a few pieces of grounds maintenance equipment that are used to help make any job easier, such as a lawn mower, weed eater, shovels and hoses.

 Most of the work that is done by the groundskeeper involves working with the lawn. Mowing can be done with a ride-on machine or one that you push. An easy way to mow a large area is with a zero-turn machine as it’s easy to maneuver around corners, and it doesn’t require as much effort to operate as standard mowers.Weed-eater and edgers are used to keep sidewalks aesthetically pleasing to workers and guests. Many groundskeepers will spread grass seeds before spring arrives or plant flowers in beds. Some will keep bird baths clean or maintain water fountains that are outside. Leaves are raked in the fall, and fertilizer might need to be spread in the spring so that the grass stays green.

One of the things that a groundskeeper might be able to do is contact a landscaping company to help with some of the detailed work that is involved. This will speed up the process of mowing and planting if there is a large area to maintain. Pools will need to be cleaned as well as any kind of pond that is on the premises. Patio furniture will also be cleaned and repaired as needed. If there is anything that needs to be replaced, then the groundskeeper can usually make the decision as to the new design that is purchased, but most of the time, the business will send the grounds keeper to get what is requested by the owner. The groundskeeper will monitor the lighting outside to ensure that all of the bulbs function as they should and that there are no areas that need new lighting. Routine maintenance of sheds and other structures, such as painting, are also among the responsibilities.