Why Keeping Your Office Clean Is Critical

Your office is where you spend at least the majority of your work day. It’s here where hard work and innovation happen. Your office is also the place where you meet other employees for meetings and clients who you will always want to make a good first impression. If your office is unorganized and dirty, it could have numerous effects that could play out to be a negative impact for your business. Today, we will be going over why it’s critical to keeping your office clean.

A Cleaned Office Will Make a Lasting Impression


When a client comes to your office for the first time, they tend to look around and if your office is disorganized will show that you are unprofessional. That client may think that if you can’t keep your office organized and clean how much effort will you place into the work you will be doing for them?

A negative first impression could cause you to lose this potential client or lose respect in the professional world. Having professional office cleaning done will impress new and existing clients and shows by taking care of your office you will in turn pay attention to details with their business with you.

Healthy Staff Leads to Better Productivity


Offices that tend to be dirty can have germs build up fast, particularly for the fact that the more employees you have, the worse it can be. Certain practices at the workplace such as eating work at your desk, employees not washing their hands after going to the restroom can contribute to more health problems. One of the most polluted places unknown to many employees is their keyboards. Research shows that your typical dirty keyboard that hasn’t been cleaned may contain 150 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Also, when you neglect to dust and vacuum dust particles, fungus and mites might start to appear making the workplace creating poor standards for employee’s health which might lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Additional Tips for Office Cleaning

It’s great if you can afford a professional office cleaning service for your office, but if you don’t have the budget for hiring professionals it’s not that difficult to keep your office clean. Just make sure you focus on these specific areas below:

  • Reception Area: If you have a reception area you will want to make sure the windows are clean, the counters are clean, any decorations you might have are well dusted, and the floor is mopped or vacuumed on a daily basis.
  • Office Workspaces: Wastebaskets should be emptied daily, and desks should be organized with keeping sanitary wipes nearby to clean the keyboards, phones, and desktops. It’s important to vacuum this space daily as well.
  • Break Room: This is used by employees daily, so it’s important to clean this room regularly. By wiping down the countertops, tables, sinks and microwave, this will cut down on germs tremendously. It’s also a good idea to clean the floor regularly because employees eat and spill food quite often.
  • Restrooms: Bathrooms tend to get dirty fast, and they should be cleaned daily with antibacterial cleaning products ensuring proper sanitation for guests and your employees.


It’s important to have a positive work environment where people can focus on getting work done so your business can continue to succeed. Office cleaning is a critical part of your businesses success to ensuring it makes a positive impact on how clients view your work space and keeping your employees in good health.