Recovery Companies

Unfortunately, disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere. When they do, you never know when they will strike and they are sometimes unpredictable. Whether you own your own home or run your own business, it’s important to enlist the services of disaster recovery companies in case a catastrophe strikes your premises. It’s your best bet for having the issue tackled as early as possible and restored to the best condition possible. DKI Services is a top quality company that can handle a wide variety of disasters.

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Professional Catastrophe Response Services

DKI Services serves a large spectrum of the United States thanks to having more than 550 locations around the country. The company believes there is no loss that is too large for its skilled team of professionals to handle. DKI’s disaster recovery team is industry certified and possesses the experience and expertise needed to swiftly assess a number of damages that come about due to severe weather. The professionals also have the right type of equipment required to minimize the damage that is typically sustained as a result of a catastrophe or a few.

What Can You Expect When a Contractor Comes?

No matter what kind of catastrophe you have experienced, when you contact DKI Services to tackle the problem, the company will send one of its licensed contractors to your property to inspect it. From there, the contractor will assess the damage and come up with a restoration plan. DKI Services works with your insurance company and will let you know every step of the way what you should expect as a team of professionals works to restore your property.

What Kinds of Catastrophes Does the Company Handle?

The company tackles a number of different catastrophes in a fast and professional manner. Here are the different categories of damage you can have DKI Services handle for you:

Water Damage: One of the most common catastrophes in the home or business comes from water damage. If you have experienced a flood, broken water pipe or sewage backup, this can cause a great deal of harm and lead to the development of harmful mold. A professional can assess the problem based on the category of water and can act fast to professionally eliminate all traces of it with pumping, extracting or a structural drying plan.
Fire and Smoke Damage: If you experience a fire or smoke damage, professionals can work to eliminate all traces and restore your home or business to livable standards, as well as repair any structural damages.
Storm Damage: Bad weather is both unpredictable and inevitable. A severe thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane or bad blizzard can really wreak havoc on your property. DKI Services can minimize the damage by providing its storm remediation services.

If you require any disaster recovery services, you want a company that you can trust. DKI Services has been in business since 1974 and has an impeccable reputation in the field. Contact the company at 888-502-4795 at your earliest convenience.

Uses Of Bulk Messaging Service

The definition of bulk sms can be as simple as to send messages to various receivers generally of a particular area. Almost all types of firms take benefit from this service. The firms can be marketing, IT, media, banking, consumer etc. Many purposes can be solved through bulk messages that are entertainment, reminding, alerts, introduction of new schemes, promoting sales and also for exchange of information between the customer and the firm efficiently.

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The service of bulk smsis used by different types of firms for different purposes. As the technology has improved, there is no hindrance in using the service. For every firm this use of technology comes at the same prices. They just have to set the intervals and new schemes will be communicated to the customers. There are many benefits other than coming at cheap prices and its uses can prove to be beneficial in almost all the ways that a business expects from such a service. These benefits are not available easily to many businesses if this software is not used properly.


Following are some of the many benefits offered by the software other than the affordable prices of the service.

  1. The primary feature is the flexibility that this service offers in its day to day working. One can set different destinations for their sms to be sent and can change it according to the needs of the business. You can send your messages right now or set a time for it to be sent in the future.
  2. The service is been used for nearly 20 years from now and the results are evident to prove the potential of using the bulk sms gateway. There are billions of messages that people have received from these automated machines of the companies.
  3. The compatibility of these messages is the next advantage of the service. These are compatible with almost all the electronic devices like the mobile phones, computers, and others. This makes it even more flexible as many people may not have a computer but they would have a mobile and vice versa.
  4. The delivery of these messages is instant to any device and real time feedback can be achieved through this. This feedback is in the form of the response of receivers to new schemes introduced. Implementation can be done quickly to any new ask from the customer and satisfy them with ease.
  5. The rate of conversion through bulk sms is a great figure. The rate is 12% that means out of a group of 100 people to which the message is sent the 12 % of them that is 12 people would link up with your company as the buyer of your product/service which is quite profitable. This conversion rates goes up to 50 % for some companies.

Other than benefits to the companies using this feature, it gives many benefits to the customers who get a good communication with the company they buy their stuff from. This fulfills the demands of both the firm and the customers.

The Best Color-Infused E-mail Designs 

While most website owners rush to build and design their websites after they’ve set up their domain and web hosting, they never take the time to design their emails. Email is one of the primary ways to stay connected with your customers. With email marketing, you’re not just competing with other businesses, you’re competing to win the reader’s attention. That’s why you want to put a lot of focus into designing your emails as well. Here are some of the best color-infused email designs to inspire your upcoming email campaigns.

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1. Banana Republic

If you have a visual oriented business like fashion, then you want to put in the extra effort into your email content. In this example, Banana Republic takes advantage of the season and comes up with great color Spring photos of their latest pieces. They’ve put in the extra effort with formatting, typography and magazine style layout to make it look like a special catalog rather than an email.

2. Women’s Conference of Florida 2016

By now, you’ve received at least one or two invitations to a conference via email. Most are very plain and straight to the point. This conference makes a big splash with the colors and really sells the event through the design. It uses strong color schemes, appealing typography and strong iconography. It was also a smart idea to use a real photo of the featured speaker.

3. J.Crew’s Sneaky Promotion Sale

J.Crew’s email has absolutely nothing to do with ice cream and is all about their big sale. However, they use a stack of ice cream scoops to lead the reader down all the way to the bottom. The vibrant colors of the ice cream scoops plays into the taste buds of the readers while creating an enticing visual that gets them to commit all the way to the end of the email. Sometimes experimental emails like this can work very well.

4. Rifle Paper Co.’s Holiday Card

Everyone loves holiday cards because they remind you of loved ones, hidden gifts and the holiday spirit. Rifle Paper Co. plays into this theme with a beautifully designed holiday card design that offers 20% off to their readers. The colors are inviting, the promotional message is clear and it just reminds you of the holidays despite the campaign being launched in March.

5. On

Many businesses are curious about how to use email to launch or feature their new products. Swiss running shoe company On does executes their launch with a breathtaking design. They feature a runner standing on the peak of a mountain and looking down into the beautiful colorful landscape. Right in the center of this photo is a perfect placement of their new running shoe.

6. Starbucks

When you have a long product line as well as multiple promotions you want to bring attention to, what do you do? Starbucks uses their email newsletter to deliver a mix of content and promotions in neat-sectioned visual presentations. Each section of their newsletter features a large image that features strong photos, great typography and graphic accents that make it inviting for the reader to click on their links.

7. Rolling Stone Australia

Running a blog that posts a lot of content? A great way to share your best posts is to follow Rolling Stone Australia’s newsletter template. They use a simple newsletter style header followed by a list of their latest stories with accompanying thumbnails. The presentation looks like a regular blog design and that’s why it works. Readers know what to expect from this familiar design.

8. TopShop

TopShop uses a great email newsletter layout for their eCommerce store. The whole design looks like it’s a page ripped out from a fashion brand catalog. But instead of overwhelming the reader with too many elements, they keep it focused to their most important promotions. The top of the fold features a very bold photo design of their products and the bottom presents product pairings with short, punchy copy.

9. Jack Daniel’s

Can a salesletter written for a product work in email? Jack Daniel’s proves that it can. They use a two-column format with one column featuring a photo of their new product and the other being used for the salesletter. The colors and the designs strongly establish their brand and are centered on their new product. It does a great job in getting your attention, tying the email back to the brand and selling you on their new product.

10. Harry’s

Harry’s does a perfect job of creating a holiday promotion. They use the Winter holiday colors (green and red) for their product placements. Another ingenious part of this email campaign is the fact that they set up alternating blocks of copy and product images in a tile layout that makes it easy to understand the product and get a clear visual of it.

11. Real Adventures

This is a beautiful travel newsletter for the Real Adventures app. In this specific example, the spotlight is put on Cuba. The newsletter uses a lot of white space but the light pastel accents really bring it to life and are reminiscent of the Cuban culture. The content features geometric shaped images, has information that’s clearly organized and strong iconography that makes you want to click.

12. Twitter

Tech companies can make their emails more interesting too with colors. In this example, Twitter uses colorful animations and a visual map to present content to their small business audience. This shows that you can create colorful and engaging email for technical concepts like web hosting, digital security and programming.

If you’re still using black, blue and white colors for your newsletters, it’s time to make a change. These examples not only show that you can create great email designs with different colors, it also proves that you can get results from visually driven email campaigns. In fact, many of these email campaigns have gone viral due to the interesting designs and cleverly placed share buttons.

People need to react quickly in disaster-type situations

Catastrophic events, sadly, happen to residential homeowners and businesses everywhere on a daily basis. A great number of disastrous incidents will ultimately result in fire and water damage to structures, and everything within them. After such tragic events occur, when it is safe to do so, it is extremely important for people affected to evaluate the extent of the disaster damage. For the safety and health consideration of anyone coming into contact with the affected dwelling, any measure of area and property clean-up beyond the very minimal should be done by professionals that specialize their services in disaster restoration.

People need to react very quickly in disaster-type situations. Not just days, but hours count. Such situations as water damage, if left untreated, can result in further property deterioration and the accelerating growth of mold. All this in turn will affect the air quality, rendering breathing in the area affected very dangerous and unhealthy. When even mild damage occurs, it would be in the home or business owner’s best interest to call in a company that is trained and certified in handling these situations, know what processes must be undertaken step-by-step, and one that will react immediately upon receiving the customer’s call, dispatching industry-certified disaster recovery teams day or night to come to the aid of affected people. A company that provides this valuable service, DKI Services, can come in and minimize the potential damage while, most importantly, securing the property.

When homes or businesses incur water, mold, fire, or smoke damage, much or all of the property within the affected structure may need professional cleaning if there are any hopes of salvaging these items. In some situations, the removal of contents from the affected structure and relocation to another area for safe, comprehensive cleaning and restoration is possible.

If this is a viable option, quality restoration services companies will use skilled technicians, utilizing specialized procedures and technology, to restore fabric-related items to conditions they were in before the loss occurred. Smells that often result from water and fire-related incidents may be subjected to ozone treatments, which break down the foreign particles that are causing the odor.

Qualified companies can be of great assistance from projects as small as a single room in the home, to full-scale restoration and reconstruction jobs for larger structures like hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. The company that clients should seek will have professional contractors who will come out to the site, evaluate the situation, and discuss with the client steps that need to be taken for professional and efficient restoration. And if the area is beyond repair, that company will have construction services that include property and building demolition, as well as complete debris removal.

Iconic American Brands that are Acquired by Chinese Investors

In the modern era, China has become a great and powerful nation. It is one of the top countries in terms of economy. With this growing wealth, the Chinese people have been aggressive in investing their money. The country has been involved in numerous trade negotiations and investments in multiple countries. One of the countries that China has been in long-term trade talks with is the United States. In fact, Chinese investors are investing heavily in the United States in the past years. In fact, Chinese companies have invested a total of 51.09 billion dollars in 2016. In effect, some American brands have been bought by Chinese investors. Some of them are American brands that people have been accustomed to. Let’s take a look at some of these iconic American brands that have been acquired by the Chinese.

Today, General Electric is a business conglomerate that owns and operates different subsidiaries of different disciplines. In the 19th century, the company was formed when Thomas Edison was able to merge its different electric companies through investors like JP Morgan and Anthony Drexel, to form the Edison General Electric Company. Since then the company had been involved in multiple industries and has been well known in the manufacturing of household appliances. In 2016, the company sold its appliance division to the Chinese company Qingdao Haier Company for 5.4 billion dollars. This was done by the company on efforts to focus more on its more lucrative divisions like jet engine production and power generation. Haier then said that the company would still be managed by existing management and would still use the GE brand on its appliances.

Another tech company that Chinese investors acquired is Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility is a spin-off from Motorola Inc. when the company was split into Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions in 2011. The original company, Motorola Inc., was founded in the 1930’s when the company was manufacturing car radios. Since then, the company became a leader in telecommunications with products such as police car radio receivers, and handheld radios. One of Motorola’s greatest feat was when it played a major role in the Apollo 11 mission as it took responsibility for the electronics used for the mission. During the rise of the mobile phone industry, Motorola was also a front runner developing cell phones which consumers loved. However, during the emergence of the smartphone, Motorola has been overshadowed by companies like Apple and Samsung. In 2014, Motorola Mobility was sold to Lenovo for 2.9 billion dollars.

Chinese companies have been aggressive in acquiring top American companies. All of these companies have been a trademark in their own industries and has made a mark in American history. However, the United States is not the only country that China is investing in. The country has also invested in other countries like Japan. In fact, Chinese Foxconn Technology Group acquired 66 percent of the Japanese tech giant Sharp. However, recent controversies between the countries have slowed the Chinese people on investing in Japan. The most recent one is a Japanese CEO denying the claim of China about the Nanking massacre. Events like these play a major role in the business transactions between countries.

These moves by Chinese investors are attempts to widen their businesses by acquiring or merging with companies that have been in the game for quite a long time. These moves seem beneficial for both parties wherein American companies make a profit on the sale of their company and would have more liquidity in venturing into other fields of their business. While for the growing Chinese companies, acquiring a brand name that has been in the industry for a long time would have a positive impact on their company image and branding.

AntlerX – The Best Bodybuilding Spray

The usage of Deer Antler spray is one of the latest trends amongst today’s fitness freak men. A basic factor that should be kept in mind is, this spray is not the same as the steroids. Steroids are a synthetic compound artificially created in the labs, whereas this Deer Antler spray is an organic substance which helps you to gain muscle and bone strength naturally. The spray is in the form of vapor or liquid and should be applied under the tongue. Sports regulation authorities are extremely strict regarding what athletes apply on their body. AntlerX being safe, legal and highly effective is a favorite of most sportsmen.

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The basic ingredients

Apart from the basic ingredient New Zealand deer antler velvet extract, this spray also contains a number of other active ingredients that improves your physical performance:

  • Niacin – This helps your body to build leaner muscles by enhancing the metabolism of the body cells and increasing the capacity of absorption of carbohydrate. Blood circulation is also taken care of by this ingredient which inturn helps the muscles to recover fast.
  • Zinc – This ingredient boosts the immunity system and helps your body to recover and heal itself after an exhausting physical activity.
  • L-Glutamine – Helps to recover muscles and reduces the muscle soreness after your workout.
  • Caltrop – This natural ingredient is known to boost the body’s testosterone level. It also increases the energy level.
  • L-Carnatine – It effectively converts fat into energy and promotes the mass development of lean muscles.
  • L-Arginine – This particular ingredient helps to circulate oxygen and blood all over the body and helps in easy recovery of muscles after your workout sessions.

If you are planning to use this trendy and convenient product which is in the form of spray first carefully have a look at the AntlerX ingredients and review and see if it meets your requirement.

Expected results

Amongst other deer antler products, AntlerX has gained a huge popularity. Only about 3 to 5 sprays in a day under the tongue is known to give noticeable results in a period of only about 3 weeks. Avoid having any food within 20 minutes of applying the spray. In this short span of time, you can notice an increased muscle mass and strength, fast recovery of the muscles, increased stamina, reduction in the fat mass and a good improvement in your performance as an athlete. The IGF-1 is one of the main identical hormones present in human blood. This compound ensures rapid development of muscle tissues. It is also known to repair injured bones.

User review

Most users prefer to use this product due to the usage convenience and the fact that it is safe and legal. The reviews say that AntlerX is recommended for people who prefer to take deer antler velvet as a supplement. If you go through any of the articles on AntlerX ingredients and review, you will notice that it is one of the most talked about product in the media.

So, get gym ready rightaway by ordering this AntlerX spray from any of the online stores.

All you need is EaseUS for your data recovery

The popular solution for data loss situations is the data recovery software. Let us see the powerful EaseUS data recovery software and its features

The useful EaseUS

This is dominant data recovery software which is used to recover lost data and files. This powerful data recovery software can be used with different kinds of devices and it is able to recover different types of files. This is recovery software has millions of users around the globe. This software contains a wide range of recovery features which enables the users to restore all their lost files.

EaseUS data recovery software is easy to use and it is completely safe. EaseUS data recovery software is constructed in a user-friendly manner. Its user-friendly layout allows users to recover or restore lost data in simple steps. This understandable layout of this software allows quick data recovery process. It saves the time of the user more as it involves simple clicks to recover files.

What data loss situations it support?

EaseUS data recovery software recover files that loss due to

  • Accidental deletion
  • System crash or OS crash
  • Due to Raw partition
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Data loss due to disasters
  • Hard drive failures
  • Power failures
  • And some other conditions

What type of files does it support?

This data recovery software is used to recover different file types that are

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Text or Documents
  • Zip folders
  • Emails etc

EaseUS data recovery process

The data recovery process of this software includes the following steps

Select your storage location

At first, the users have to select the storage location where they lost their data and where they want to search for the data. Choose the location where the data loss occurs and start your search.

Select the scanning mode

After selecting the storage location, users have to choose the scan modes. EaseUS has two types of scan modes such as the quick scan and deep scan.

Quick scan mode- This is the simple and fastest scan mode that scans the storage location and brings the lost files.

Deep scan mode-   If you don’t get the files that you lost in the quick scan, you can go for deep scan mode.  This scan mode scans the system thoroughly and it is useful to recover deleted files entirely.

Preview the scan result

This is a special feature of EaseUS software and it allows the users to preview the restoring files before recovery process. With this, users can select their needed files from recoverable files lit which are displayed in the preview section. By using this feature, users can eliminate unwanted files

Save your scan results

This is the final step where users can import and export their scan results into some other storage devices.

EaseUS data recovery software also allows the users to pause and resume the recovery process. So, users can recover their lost files at anytime they want and they don’t have to initiate a new search every time.

Now Sustaining Immense Physic for Bodybuilders Is Trouble-Free

Before you include the cycles of steroid in your fitness program, it is better that you do some research of the steroid, the uses and possible side effects from the websites that deal with steroids. This will not only help you to choose the correct dose and steroid product but will also make sure that your body permits the consumption of such steroids for the betterment of your health. Besides providing extreme stamina and bodybuilding features, steroids are often used to cure some ruthless diseases. For optimum benefit of strength training and well-built structure, the steroid can be of great help. Beginners must be very careful while choosing a particular steroid product as they may face numbers of side-effects at the very onset and may not be able to cope up with the problems. Though supplements are available largely and talked about openly, there is still a taboo of not revealing the use of steroid.

Beginners’ steroid:

There are a number of features that must be kept in mind while starting off with the steroid:

  • There may be more side-effects than the actual result while using the steroids
  • Steroid is not as helpful as natural ways of getting good physic with daily exercises and diet.
  • Steroid dose must be minimal or as required because high dose can land you with many fatal diseases.
  • Steroid effects are not long-lasting and once you withdraw the use if it you may face other withdrawal symptoms and effects.
  • A Steroid, when stacked along with other drugs, may make it work more effectively.
  • You need to choose from the anabolic and androgenic steroids after proper consultation.
  • It is better to avoid designer steroids as you can find a limited amount of information about them.
  • Anabolic steroid cycles for bodybuilders are used mostly by people who want a long-lasting effect of the steroid with minimal side-effects.

Steroids for Natural Bodybuilding

These days steroids related to natural bodybuilding is in high demand just because they claim to provide a number of healthy effects while cutting down the negative effects to a higher percentage. But even before you take one from this list, you need to:

  • Be careful about the product you are choosing.
  • Choose the one that prevents health related disadvantages
  • Choose specific steroid related to muscle growth, boosting the production of red blood cells, improving strength that is available for particular use.
  • Carefully get on or off the steroid cycle as it is important for long term results.
  • Know that it can prove to be dangerous if you try to take more doses for faster results.

Negative aspects of steroids

Acquiring more knowledge on anabolic steroid cycles for bodybuilders is important in order to reduce the risk of various diseases. It is not legal if you take steroid without the permission of your doctor. Though the steroid will help one to decrease the body fat and promote muscle growth, it may increase the risk of various cancers, increase of acne, irresistible stomach pain and baldness. Other side effects are heart attack, blood clotting and increase in blood pressure.

Harman Kardon’s Cortana-Powered ‘Invoke’ Speaker Revealed on Company Site

Last year, Microsoft announced the Cortana SDK and Harman Kardon teased its first Cortana-powered speaker would be launched this year. Now, Harman Kardon has revealed the Invoke speaker. While the speaker website was initially made available for everyone to see, it seems like Harman Kardon has now pulled down the “coming soon” page for the Amazon Echo’s rival product from its website.

While the Invoke speaker is set to be released by Harman Kardon in fall this year, around same time as Redstone 3, the pricing and the exact release date has not been revealed as of now, as pointed out in a report by The Invoke speakers offer 360-degree sound, ability to make and receive calls via Skype, and other functionalities offered by Cortana that one might expect. Based on the images shared on the pre-release page, the speakers are expected to be made available in Silver and Black colour variants.

Harman Kardon's Cortana-Powered 'Invoke' Speaker Revealed on Company SiteIn terms of design, the Invoke speakers come in a cylindrical shape and have a circular ring at the top. The Redmond-based company is expected to share more information about the speakers at its Build conference that will start from Wednesday. Microsoft shared last year that the Cortana Devices SDK was then in private preview and would be made available more broadly in 2017.

As we mentioned in our earlier report, Microsoft is not the first tech company to open out its voice assistant technology to third-party developers, with Amazon, Apple, and Google each releasing tools for Alexa, Siri, and Assistant respectively.

Harman Kardon ‘Invoke’ Microsoft Cortana-Powered Speaker Officially Unveiled

After an early glimpse through a pre-release page, which was taken down soon after, Harman Kardon’s Cortana-powered Invoke speaker has now been officially launched by the company. While we already got to know that the speaker would be shipping in Fall this year, the company has still not shared the exact release date or the pricing.

As we mentioned in our earlier report, Harman Kardon’s Invoke speaker is powered by Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant, offers 360-degree sound, and has the ability to make and receive calls via Skype, and other things that you might expect from Cortana. The new Harman Kardon speaker is cylindrical in shape and has some resemblance to Amazon’s Echo speaker, thanks to a circular ring at the top.

“Invoke brings together Harman Kardon’s audio heritage with Cortana by Microsoft, resulting in a beautifully designed speaker for the home. Crafted from premium materials, Invoke’s striking metallic speaker cabinet delivers power and projects sound at full 360-degrees, revealing every beautiful detail in your music,” the company says on the product page on its website.

The Invoke speaker comes with 3 woofers and 3 tweeters that allow it to deliver 360-degree sound. “Invoke, with Cortana, is a voice-activated speaker that can play your favourite music, manage calendars and activities, set reminders, check traffic, deliver the latest news and much more,” the company said in its release. The Invoke speaker will be made available in Pearl Silver and Graphite colours.

The voice-activated Invoke speaker comes with Smart Home Control feature that allows it to adjust smart home devices including lights, thermostat, and more but the home automation will only be supported by select providers, as per Harman.

Harman Kardon 'Invoke' Microsoft Cortana-Powered Speaker Officially UnveiledApart from Cortana, the Invoke speaker comes with Harman’s “Sonique” far-field voice recognition technology. “It is a proprietary 360-degree adaptive technology (featuring 7 microphones) that recognizes all details of voice commands even in environments with high ambient noise,” the company said. If you are interested in the Cortana-powered Invoke speaker, you can register for the product from Harman Kardon’s website.

In a statement announcing the Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker, Microsoft said, “We want Cortana to be available wherever you may need assistance being more productive, and the Invoke speaker from Harman Kardon is our next step in getting there. With natural language recognition and deep integration with Microsoft’s suite of knowledge and productivity tools, Cortana is the most productive digital assistant and already used by more than 145 million people on PC and mobile devices. With Invoke, Cortana now becomes available in the home, making her even more valuable.”

The Redmond-based company is expected to share more information about the speakers at its Build conference that will start from Wednesday.

We will have to wait and see if Microsoft’s Cortana and Harman Kardon’s expertise in sound is able to make the Invoke speaker stand out from the ever-increasing crowd of artificial intelligence-powered speakers.