The Benefits Of Crafting a Help Page on Your New Website

Most websites have an about us and contact us page but it seems like many site owners haven’t gone through the trouble of putting up a decent help page. A good help page can be a powerful resource for your visitors. In addition to helping guide your visitors and answering their questions, a great help page can help you establish credibility and increase your sales. Here are some of the main benefits of crafting a help page on your new site.

Benefit #1: Your Help Page Will Reduce Customer Support Requests

Customer support requests can eat up a lot of time and resources. If you’ve just started your business, answering support requests can take away the time you could be using to build your business. Even if you hired somebody to help manage your business, you don’t want them to be tied up in answering a large number of customer support requests.

By setting up a help page that addresses many customer concerns and issues, you’ll be able to reduce the number of support requests dramatically. This means that your time and resources will be spent wisely. Remember, you want to be spending more of your time building your business instead of running it.

Benefit #2: You Can Serve Prospects and Customers that Want Instant Answers

Many prospects and customers want to get instant answers to their questions. They don’t want to call or email you in order to find the solution they’re looking for. With a help page, you can provide them answers to their common questions so that they can continue browsing your website and comparing your products.

In order for this to work, you have to know what questions to address. You can figure this out by going back to your email support requests and collecting the questions that were sent in from your prospects and customers. You’ll find that certain complaints, worries, questions and requests will constantly keep coming up. These are the things that you want to address on your help page.

Benefit #3: A Help Page Can Support the Sales Process

Visitors often have questions about the sales process. They want to know how to access a digital product, when it will get shipped, when they’ll receive your product in the mail, details about your product warranties and how to ask for refunds. Many consumers feel uneasy about making a purchase with a new merchant. By addressing all their concerns in the help page, you give them a sense of security which will give them more reasons to make a purchase.

You can also use the help page to talk about the details that your sales page doesn’t address. For example, a web hosting company may want to explain how new customers will be able to transfer their domains onto their servers. A software developer can explain what operating systems their software can be used on and what updates they’ll need to run it. These details can often be the tipping point to closing the sale.

Benefit #4: It Allows You to Establish Your Credibility and Integrate Your Brand Story

One of the best ways to establish your credibility is by using your help page to provide helpful information about your product/service and its unique features. You can use the help page to talk about how your products/services compare to other competitors. You can also explain how your product or service works which allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

Another smart thing you can do on your help page is to integrate your brand story or unique traits. While you’ll probably talk about your brand story in the about us page, you can still integrate tidbits of your brand story and traits into the page. For example, a web hosting company can explain that their brand is different from their competitors because the company uses green energy to power their servers. The idea is to get your visitors to learn a bit about your brand along the way.

Benefit #5: Help Pages Can Attract Search Engine Traffic

Help pages can be very helpful in getting your website to get listed in the search results. That’s because help pages tend to use many key phrases related to your business. Of course, the idea here isn’t to stuff your help page with tons of keywords related to your business. You want the content on this page as natural as possible. You’ll find that you’ll have no trouble integrating your target keywords on this page.

Linking to other important pages from your help page will also help more of your pages get indexed. Sometimes, the issue with SEO is that you can’t get certain pages to get indexed quickly enough so that you can start building your campaign. If your help page is picked up in the listings, start linking to other important pages if they have relevance to the content in your help page.

Those are some of the main benefits of crafting a help page for your new website. If you think about it, it doesn’t really take much to build a help page. What you really need is the support request data to have the right content on the page. You may not be able to start off with a strong help page but you will eventually know how to craft a strong one that will support your business.

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