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Unfortunately, disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere. When they do, you never know when they will strike and they are sometimes unpredictable. Whether you own your own home or run your own business, it’s important to enlist the services of disaster recovery companies in case a catastrophe strikes your premises. It’s your best bet for having the issue tackled as early as possible and restored to the best condition possible. DKI Services is a top quality company that can handle a wide variety of disasters.

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Professional Catastrophe Response Services

DKI Services serves a large spectrum of the United States thanks to having more than 550 locations around the country. The company believes there is no loss that is too large for its skilled team of professionals to handle. DKI’s disaster recovery team is industry certified and possesses the experience and expertise needed to swiftly assess a number of damages that come about due to severe weather. The professionals also have the right type of equipment required to minimize the damage that is typically sustained as a result of a catastrophe or a few.

What Can You Expect When a Contractor Comes?

No matter what kind of catastrophe you have experienced, when you contact DKI Services to tackle the problem, the company will send one of its licensed contractors to your property to inspect it. From there, the contractor will assess the damage and come up with a restoration plan. DKI Services works with your insurance company and will let you know every step of the way what you should expect as a team of professionals works to restore your property.

What Kinds of Catastrophes Does the Company Handle?

The company tackles a number of different catastrophes in a fast and professional manner. Here are the different categories of damage you can have DKI Services handle for you:

Water Damage: One of the most common catastrophes in the home or business comes from water damage. If you have experienced a flood, broken water pipe or sewage backup, this can cause a great deal of harm and lead to the development of harmful mold. A professional can assess the problem based on the category of water and can act fast to professionally eliminate all traces of it with pumping, extracting or a structural drying plan.
Fire and Smoke Damage: If you experience a fire or smoke damage, professionals can work to eliminate all traces and restore your home or business to livable standards, as well as repair any structural damages.
Storm Damage: Bad weather is both unpredictable and inevitable. A severe thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane or bad blizzard can really wreak havoc on your property. DKI Services can minimize the damage by providing its storm remediation services.

If you require any disaster recovery services, you want a company that you can trust. DKI Services has been in business since 1974 and has an impeccable reputation in the field. Contact the company at 888-502-4795 at your earliest convenience.

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