How to Pursue a Career in Politics

A career in politics can be very rewarding. You can help to change the way the country works. You can work to create laws you believe are needed and eliminate laws you believe to be unnecessary. You might be in middle school or high school and wondering how you can plan your future for a career in politics. If this is the case, there are a number of things you can do to make your journey towards holding a political office much easier. Knowing the right things to do early in life will enable you to rise up the political ranks much easier than you would otherwise be able to. Here are some of the most essential steps that you should follow in order to have a career in politics.

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1. Be involved in the government of your school.

First of all, you should get involved with your student council. You might want to consider running for class president. This would be a very valuable experience even if you lose. It will teach you about the art of campaigning for a political office. You will also get practice debating the other students who are running for class president. The ability to debate effectively is an essential skill to have if you are ever going to be elected to a significant political office. Losing an election while you are in school will also benefit you. It will teach you that you will most likely not win every election. Many of the most successful politicians in the world lost elections at some point in their lives. You will need to learn how to lose graciously and not get discouraged. There will always be another election in the future.

2. Get accepted into a good college.

The vast majority of politicians have very good educational backgrounds. This is important because people will be much more likely to vote for you if they can see that you have a degree from a college that has a high national ranking. Therefore, you should study hard in high school and make academics your top priority. You should choose a major such as political science while you are going to college.

3. Earn a law degree.

The majority of politicians are lawyers. The reason for this is fairly obvious. Politicians are often required to write bills that require the legal language that only a trained lawyer would know. A law degree is certainly not a prerequisite for becoming a politician. There are plenty of politicians who are not lawyers. However, a law degree will certainly put you ahead of the game and make your chances of being elected to public office that much greater. You should try to get accepted into a law school with an outstanding reputation. This will improve the public’s opinion of you and make it more likely they will vote for you. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is an example of a politician who earned a law degree. Crapo went to law school at Harvard University.

4. Take public speaking classes in college.

Studies have shown that public speaking is the biggest fear for most people. Obviously, politicians speak in front of crowds on a daily basis. Therefore, you should take classes to improve your public speaking ability.

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