Is Your New Product a Dud or the Real Deal?

When you have designed a brand new product it is easy to see it as being the best thing since sliced bread. Hey, maybe it is and maybe it will be a complete and utter sensation when it is launched to a grateful public.

However, at the early stage of marketing it you should also bear in mind the possibility that it might not yet be the finished article. Is there is a possibility that your new product might actually be less than perfect, or even a terrible dud that no-one wants?

The ideal time to ask yourself this question is before you have invested a huge amount of time and energy into the launch. By covering the following issues you should become a lot more confident about moving forward.

Seek Out Other Opinions

Could it be that you are too close to the whole thing to see the pros and cons of the product clearly? It is easy to get locked into a sort of tunnel vision mentality that stops you from seeing as clearly as you would like to.

Because of this, it is a very good idea to get someone else to take a look at your ideas. Ideally, this will be someone who is completely new to what you are doing and whom you can trust to give you an honest opinion no matter how harsh it may be.

For your part, you need to be prepared to accept feedback that might not be exactly what you want to hear. The person that you ask for their opinion has to know that you are willing to take their comments on board in good faith, as otherwise you won’t get anywhere with this approach.

It may be that you can take any negative comments and use them to make your offering a whole lot better than it was. However, you also need to consider the possibility that you are left with a dud that you can’t do anything at all to improve.

Show It to Your Potential Customers

What do the people you plan to sell it to think of your product? If you don’t have the faintest idea then it is probably time to ask them, isn’t it?

This is the stage when you can carry out some extensive field marketing to see what people really think about what you are planning to sell them. This is a vital step that will give you the valuable opportunity to take their thoughts, complaints and recommendations into account.

Some people might love it and others might hate it, so it is important that you are able to work out what the feedback you gain really means. If you can do this then you stand a far better chance of making a success of the launch.

By using a product demonstration agency you can look to benefit from their experience when it comes to asking the right questions and then understanding the importance of the results.

So, what if everyone that you speak to says that it is not something that they are interested in? It could be that it is a dud but before you give up completely you should consider the possibility that you just asked people in the wrong demographic for their opinion.

Be Honest About the Chances of Success

The last point is possibly the most difficult of all. Basically, you have to be completely honest with yourself about the chance of success with this new product.

If getting it launched has been a dream of yours for a while then you might struggle to come to terms with the idea that it might be a bit of a dud after all. However, it is going to be far better for you to do this just now rather than spending more time, money and effort on it.

If all of the evidence to date suggests that you aren’t going to make a success with this product launch then going ahead anyway is only likely to end in problems. If you stubbornly stick to your guns anyway and go ahead then you may end up looking back with regret in the future.

Of course, there is a chance that you can take your original idea and tweak it somehow. If you feel that all is not yet lost then giving an alternative approach a try could work out well for you.

Your new product will hopefully turn out be a tremendous success. However, if you decide that it isn’t likely to be then it makes sense to dedicate your time and energy to something else with a greater chance of succeeding.

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