When is the Best Time Of Year to Move to Australia?

When you are emigrating to Australia from the UK there is a lot to consider. You’ll need to figure out where you are going to live, find a job, move all of your possessions over, get set up with a bank account and a family doctor, get settled in your community and much more. There are a lot of things to think about and take care of – but could planning your move for a specific time of year make things easier?

Is there a time of year that is ideal to move to Australia, when things will be the easiest? Or, is there a difficult time to move to Australia when you should avoid?

Many people say that December and January are a bad time to move to Australia. This is for a few reasons.

  • Summer in Australia will be at it’s peak, so you will find that you need to be moving furniture, looking for jobs and doing other tasks in the heat.
  • This time of year is a little bit like August in France – everyone will be on holiday and you will not be able to find people as easily.
  • During the Christmas holidays people will be more focused on spending time with their family rather than hiring for jobs or renting out their flat. You might find it harder to get business done for this reason.
  • Although the offices will open in January after Christmas, the staff numbers will be low due to the school holidays, which last until the end of January. Many parents will take extended leave with their kids. The job market will be slow and people will be difficult to get ahold of.


So, if December and January is a bad time to make your move – what time of year is better? It is recommended that the best time to move to Australia is in April or May. This is when the weather is nicest and you will be able to enjoy blue skies and pleasant temperatures. This weather will allow you to acclimatize before the real intense heat of summer arrives.


Another thing to note is that the financial year in Australia officially runs from the first of July to the 30th of June. So, if you are looking for jobs in Australia from July onwards you might find that companies are more willing to hire and are generous with salary because they are working with a new budget.


If you are relocated to Australia with a child, you might want to consider when the school term starts and ends. The long school holidays Down Under run from mid-December to the end of January, so keep this in mind. Perhaps the most ideal solution would be to finish school before the half term in May. Then, the child could start school in Australia at the beginning of Term 3 in mid July. Then, you’ll have the month of June (the schools will be open) to take a look around the schools and give your child a chance to get settled.


The major factors that will influence when you move to Australia are probably work and school. However, there might be other factors that will influence your timing – such as:

  • What will the weather be like during the time you arrive? Remember that Australia is a huge country with a diverse climate – take a look at what the weather will be like in the particular region that you will be moving to.
  • If you arrive during a busy tourist period or a holiday time, will flights be much more expensive?
  • Is it a good time of year to buy or rent a home? Will there be a lot of options on the market?

Of course, while the time of year that you move to Australia will make some difference it will not be the major defining factor of your move. If you plan ahead and work hard then you can arrive in Australia at any time of year and make it work. Start doing your research well in advance and plan your trip as much as possible, so that when you arrive in Australia you will already be prepared and know what to expect as you get settled into your new home.

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