Fourteen Fantastic Ways to Market a Dental and Medical Practice

There are numerous medical and dental practices for someone to visit for examinations or treatments, and that means that a physician, dentist or surgeon needs to market effectively to attract new patients. Today, it is possible to use traditional marketing techniques in addition to modern approaches to advertise a dental or medical practice.



One: Postcards Mailed to Homes

Postcard advertising has been around for many years, and it is still a valuable way to reach the public. When a dentist or physician contacts a printing company, the representatives will design a unique postcard. With postcard advertising, it is possible to target particular markets such as females for a gynecologist’s office or families with children for a pediatric dentist.

Two: Billboard Advertising

There are billboards located along city streets and major highways that dental and medical practices can use for advertising. Bare billboards often have a telephone number listed to call in order to rent the space for advertising, but companies also list contact information online or in telephone directories.

Three: Radio Commercials

Dentists and physicians can contact radio stations to have commercials taped to advertise a practice. Radio stations have different prices for the length of the commercial along with how many times a day it is played. Medical or dental professionals can record their own commercials, or it is possible to hire a radio announcer or celebrity to do the recording.

Four: Visiting Community Trade Shows

When a community has a trade show for the public, a dental or medical office should send representatives to the event. At trade shows, there are booths where the representatives will pass out free items such as pencils, toothbrushes and pillboxes that are imprinted with a medical professional’s name and telephone number.

Five: Newspaper Advertising

Local newspapers are a great way to advertise a dental or medical practice to the public. By contacting a newspapers advertising representative, a surgeon, dentist or physician can have a graphic designer create a unique advertisement that will lead to having more patients.

Six: Celebrity Branding

If a physician or dentist provides services for a celebrity, then using the person for branding is an excellent way to advertise. It is essential to have the celebrity’s permission first before using their name or image in advertisements.

Seven: Visiting Classrooms and Religious Institutions

To bring attention to the importance of medical or dental care, call schools and religious institutions to learn if the locations welcome speakers. A dentist can talk to children about brushing and flossing their teeth, or a physician can talk to teenagers about the importance of wearing protective equipment while playing sports.

Eight: Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is a modern way to reach the public, and there are several social media sites to use, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A dentist or physician can assign the task of using social media sites to an employee who can create messages and tweets.

Nine: Placing an Advertisement in a Telephone Directory

Many individuals and businesses still have landline telephones, and telecommunication companies continue to print telephone directories. A dentist or physician can place a specialized advertisement that includes discount coupons in local directories.

Ten: Coffee Cup Advertising

Restaurants that sell coffee in paper or plastic cups are now offering advertising space on the containers. Talk to local restaurant managers about placing a medical or dental office’s logo on its coffee cups.

Eleven: Magazine Articles about a Practice

When a physician or dentist can have their practice featured in a magazine article, it can bring in a lot of new patients. In order to have a magazine story, a dental or medical practice needs to do something special that leads to a story that is interesting.

Twelve: Appearances on Television Programs

Local television stations have programming about businesses in the region, including dental offices and medical practices. The best way to reach the public is by talking about a current topic that concerns a lot of people such as understanding the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or discussing the importance of childhood inoculations.

Thirteen: Bracelet Advertising

Bracelet advertising is a newer way to brand a business, and it is inexpensive to order the customized bracelets from a manufacturer. In addition to having a business’s name and telephone number imprinted on each bracelet, request interesting slogans or images in bright colors.

Fourteen: Have an Informative Website for a Dental or Medical Practice

Today, having an online presence for a dental office or medical practice is vital, and there are great companies available that can create a unique website as well as post-website marketing campaigns. Solution21 Inc., is one of those nationwide companies assisting physicians, dentists and surgeons who want to have a new website that is search engine optimized.


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