The Best And Worst-Paying Sales Jobs Right Now

Sales job is a profession, where people command variety of job titles and incomes, in accordance to their personality and competence to sell. A person can earn a 6 figure salary as sales engineer or real estate agent. However, all the sales positions are not so high–paying and glamorous.

Despite high unemployment rate, large companies cannot understand why it’s so hard to fill sales jobs? Years ago sales job was ideal for fresh college graduate, but today it is hard to fill sales job, especially in tech sector.  A sales person that can handle sales and tech is hard to find.

List of highest & lowest paying sales job in US

According to BLS survey 2013 report, the largest employment group that commanded was retailers and cashiers. These two professions, when blended accounted to nearly 6% of total employment in US with employment level of 4.5 million & 3.3 million.

  1. Sales agents in financial services, securities, and commodities grabbed the first position with mean annual salaries around $102,510. These professionals connect sellers and buyers in financial market. They conduct trades, provide financial advice to companies, and sell securities.
  2. Sales engineers follow close behind pulling in six figures. Sales representatives for technical, manufacturing, wholesale, scientific and technical products can expect their yearly salaries to be more than $85,000
  3. First-line supervisors in non-retail sector and real estate agents with license help consumers to buy, sell, and rent property pull out five figures.
  4. At the end of sales job spectrum permanent cashiers bring home a meager yearly salary of around $20,420 or mean hourly income of $9.82
  5. Full time retail salesperson earns $12.17 per hour. Telemarketers trail behind closely and earn an average $12.29 per hour.

Sales experts believe that low paying jobs are transactional, have low value and risk. Alternatively, best-paying positions need high knowledge and are riskier. People positioned in sales job with low pays are generally selling products, while high earning salespersons are selling solutions.

Software sales recruiting experts claim that finding top sales talent for a tech sector is challenging because of ever-changing technology. Sales process is not what it was in the past. Buyers are more educated and expect more substance. For young generation sales job –

  • Is a pushy profession, where products are sold to take customers money
  • Has too much pressure (compensation is tied to performance)
  • Very demanding job and difficult to work under hire and fire policy (has to meet target or get thrown out)
  • No long-term security or financial safety net

Youngsters are avoiding sales career because they are not taught sales in schools and colleges, even though every kind of job involves selling. For example, if you select public relation task then you sell story or if you are an accountant then you sell financial understanding and accuracy.

In reality, selling is a skill, which can be god gifted for some, but those who are not naturals can learn it. Selling when done accurately means matching right people with right products. Selling is a challenging and rewarding brain game, but only few bright and best candidates flock for sales career.

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