How Mobile Trading is Bridging Old and Young India

Nowadays, mobile trading is the biggest fad in the markets. It is as popular as the internet was in the late 90s. One of the biggest reasons behind the success of mobile trading is its appeal to masses, and utter simplicity in its operation.

Today, smartphones are armed with various apps that work on a touch and go module. It is devoid of complicated software, turning on bulky machines and many other things which were prevalent a few years ago. It’s utter complexity made it difficult for elderly users to get onto it; mobile has changed that.

Today, with numerous apps, users across the world are waking up to a new era of trading which requires little or no skills to operate a device. Apps are intelligent and are run on a simple device like a smartphone, unlike complex software which is installed on a dedicated machine like a computer.  The elderly are required to tap and need basic literacy to decipher numbers: a quality essential for trading in stock markets.

Today leading app providers like IIFL Markets have leveraged technology to make it better for their users to trade. Of course, it requires huge resources and some manpower to maintain the backend infrastructure, but it makes trading easy and efficient for the users.

Today, people – irrespective of their age can check out the scripts, trade, and do a wide array of things – right from their mobile phones. This simple thing has made a sea change in the way we used to think of technology, and how it empowers people.

The app allows developers to control everything that goes with it. They use it, along with special tapping heat maps to intelligently put up both options and the screen flow. The Elderly, who once deserted technology due to complexity, are now switching back, and the young are relishing on the power that enables them to unlock the world of financial markets through an app.

Apps like IIFL Markets extensively use feedback system so that users can enter their special requests/feedback. This helps improve services and user experience.

The idea of mobile trading is not just confined to trading per say; it also includes inclusion. And to ease it up for the “Old India” leading app developers like IIFL Markets have put up custom options. In this, a tap takes the user to a screen where they can register themselves for a trading account. It is then followed up with an easy  documentation process — as it is required by government regulations.

We are truly living in a generation where technology is bringing about change and dividing the bridges. Mobile trading is no different. And with so much stress on personalization, it making easy for everyone to get into it — even the ones who formerly thought of giving it up due to their inability to adapt complex technologies.

For companies, this is a cost-effective way and helps them increase their business by fostering participation.

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