How to Deal With a Bad College Professor

In college, you are going to be dealing with a few bad eggs. Hopefully, most of your professors will offer invaluable knowledge and lifelong wisdom. However, not all will. Some professors will just be downright rotten.

This is okay. For one thing, there is not much you can do about the professor – he or she is staying put. However, you can do something about your position. What you want to do is find ways to deal with the professor. It is important to remember that a bad professor for you may be a good professor for another student. Here are some ways you can deal with a bad college professor.

Talk to an Administrator

One of the best ways to deal with a bad professor is to speak with an administrator. It doesn’t matter if you are attending Pepperdine University or RISD, you want to be able to speak with someone if you are having concerns. Of course, if a professor is crossing a line, this may verge on a debate for ethical boundaries and the professor could get in trouble. However, if the professor doesn’t work for you, there may be something else you can do.

Write a Negative Review

One thing you can do if you don’t like your teacher is to write a negative review on a teacher-grading site. When you do, however, you want to list the reasons why you think the professor is bad. This will help other students not run into the same problem as you. Indeed, you want to talk about the professor’s teaching style, the tone, and maybe even what you do like. For some people, your negative review may be a positive one, because some students may want a different teaching style. If a professor is flat out terrible, you can be honest.

Talk to the Professor

Of course, there is also the option of going straight the source and speaking with your professor. There may be something that you could clear up on the spot. If that is the case, you could actually learn to love your professor. It is important to do this before the semester really picks up because you don’t want to be stuck in a course you dislike as it becomes stressful.

Find the Right Teacher

You also want to learn how to find the right professor for you. It is important to note that each student needs something different from theirprofessors. For instance, some professors are test heavy, which means they are keen on handing out a lot of tests. Other professors may not test at all and will leave a bulk of the discovery up to the student and perhaps just assign a final written paper.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

On top of everything, you also want to be sure that you don’t make the same mistake the next time you choose a course and a professor. Ideally, you want to do your research and you ask other students what their experience with the class have been. In the end, finding a professor that works for you is a little bit like shopping, and you do want to shop around.

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