XNSPY: the text spy app that everyone should have their eyes on

Have you ever considered to spy on your kids, employees, friends or peers? Then you need to know what a real text spy appis all about. The app that’s most widely used by managers and parents these days is XNSPY, because of its powerful features and excellent services.

With more than 90000 customers within just 6 months, Xnspy is really taking on many other renowned apps like mSpy, Flexispy and Teensafe. It’s pricing and features duo is what makes it a better deal than many other apps.


Christmas is also just a few days away and many parents would be considering giving their kids a smartphone, after all, it’s the best gift for tech savvy kids. It’s also the right time that you can get your kid to agree to your terms before you handover them their first smartphone. Set up a smartphone contract with your child and make sure you add a precondition of smartphone monitoring. Why? Because your kids can’t be left alone with their internet-ready devices.

The benefits of smartphone monitoring are limitless, of which, most of them pertain to the digital safety of your kids against online harassers, pedophiles and bullies.

For offices, Xnspy provides the perfect opportunity to managers to keep their workplace secure against employee theft and digital data theft. If you are wondering how XNSPY can do all that, then you need to take a look at some of its features.

Xnspy—the ultimate digital safety app

From phone logs to IMs, xnspy monitors everything. Some of the standout features of this app are:

  • Remote control: Isn’t it great that your kid has the smartphone but you have the control over who can access it? It’s super awesome! If it’s going to be your child’s first phone, then you will get to know why a parental control is necessary on their smartphone. Kids who have access to a smartphone or any other internet-ready devices have higher chances of sleeping less than to those who don’t.. Some kids can even get obsessed with their smartphone that they can even spend their whole night just scrolling over Facebook or WhatsApp. A Remote Control like that from xnspy will lock their devices at night, or whenever you want.
  • IM tracker: After getting their first smartphone, the first thing that kids would do is to install social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp onto their phones. With XNSPY, you will be getting access to their every calls, text conversations, photos, videos and audio shared over Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Skype, kik and iMessage.
  • GPS monitoring and Geo-fencing: Are you tired of your kids’ sneakouts and too much socialising that’s keeping them away from home? Are you worried about their actual location? You need to make use of Xnspy’s GPS tracking and Geo-fencing. You can get real-time location or use the Geo-fencing feature to lock your monitored users every check-in.

Why choose Xnspy?

There are three reason for that. First, you get this text spy app from http://xnspy.com/features/sms.html at just $8.33/month which is the cheapest deal around. Second, you get the best features for the least price, and third, you get the best smartphone monitoring experience.


Xnspy is the safest and most reliable parental monitoring solution. If you are a parent, you really need to try this out!

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