3M Vinyl Will Keep Your Nexus Safe & Stylish

Once you’ve taken your Nexus 5X out of its box, you know you need to invest in some protection. Its lightweight and sleek body is just asking for something sharp to come along and ruin its beautiful design. Or worse – a long drop from clumsy fingers can completely destroy your Android. Even on sale, you paid a small fortune to get the latest Nexus, so you can’t let this happen.


At the same time, you know you can’t buy your protection from a mall kiosk. Though plentiful, these pop-up stores don’t have the quality that you’re looking for. Can you really trust your Nexus 5X to the knock-offs and no-named manufacturers that fill these kiosks? Hardly – especially when most of the products they offer are bulky and clunky plastic cases that aren’t meant for your 5X. These cases end up not quite fitting the dimensions of your Nexus. They leave too much space between it and the phone so dirt and grime can sneak in while the mobile rattles about in its case.

Instead of braving the crowds of the mall, go online to find the protection you need in a well-made skin. Nexus 5X skins are made out of a durable and flexible 3M vinyl that adheres to the body of your phone without adding any of the bulk and weight you can expect from its plastic case counterparts. Cut according to precise blueprints, your Nexus 5X skin won’t leave a single square millimetre uncovered, nor will it leave annoying overhanging pieces that can catch. That’s because Nexus 5X skins are made precisely with your phone in mind.

While fitting effortlessly over your phone, the Nexus 5X skin will protect it from sharp objects or rough surfaces that can ding, scratch, or leave other marks behind in its body. As an impervious surface specifically designed with your hand in mind, a Nexus 5X skin is easy to grip and makes spilled liquids bead against it. Coupled with the Corning® Gorilla® Glass of the phone’s touchscreen, and you’ve got a well-protected Nexus.

Next to protection, a skin’s style is vying for the best reason to get one for your Nexus. When you visit the top online retailers, you won’t get the same boring selection of solid colours that those mall kiosks offer. Instead you can choose from a huge collection of colours and textures until you arrive at a skin that’s exactly ‘you’ – whether that’s a Mad Men inspired zebra wood and white leather skin or a Super Mario mix of vibrant red and blue. Of course, you could also choose both. When you search through Nexus 5X skin stickers from dbrand you’ll notice the price tag is so low, you can purchase a whole fleet of protective yet fashionable skins to coincide with every mood and occasion. dbrand has the best selection, making it easy to switch between fun and sophisticated styles that accommodate the coloured ‘x’ and logo of your Nexus.

Before you let your Nexus follow you around with protection, head online and start doing your research. Stay away from the pop-up mall kiosk, instead opting for a Nexus 5X skin that can offer the best value, protection, and style for your phone. That way, no matter how long you keep your 5X, it’ll look as good as it dig straight out of the box!

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