Capture Your Baby’s Precious Moments Speaking Pictures.

A baby is very special to parents’ life. There are things like first cry, first laugh, and so many other firsts that you would want to capture. If you take a picture, it would just present a sort of facial expression, and it would be left to you to imagine the expression, but as and when the event gets older, you may not recollect the memories by just looking at the photographs.

Videos work too, however, a child moves too frequently for you to be able to catch things up on the video, therefore, images work better than the videos – especially when it comes to capturing your baby’s emotions. Fortunately, there is a new age speaking pictures that help you to capture the emotions and put an audio to it.


It is very simple. All you do is first take the snap and then record the sound – be it a cry, laughter, a word or just about anything else.

Once you do that, you can either share the image or archive it. You may want to upload it on the life portal so that you can view it later on. In all such cases, the memories would work just fine. No more holding things steady or pacifying your agitated child, just a onetime picture and subsequent audio should do the trick. The images are comparable to the normal ones, therefore, it doesn’t take a lot of resources, nor the bandwidth.

Once you capture the images, and record, and put it on the portal, you can easily identify the speaking pictures as they would have a distinct orange color line. You can even send it to people in your contact list and have them savor your kid’s first memories. It can also be saved for future use, so that whenever you or your kid (When he/she grows up) wants to go back to the memory lane, you can start the app and watch the memories.

Orange line images have been picking up the craze now. And voxweb has established itself as one of the most promising app – at least amongst the ones that are launch in the second decade of the 21st century.

Switching to speaking images does not require a lot of alteration to your photography habits – except for the fact that it has the orange line and the pictures are audible.

Your child’s first cry cannot be written in words (Try it, if you’d like)! Therefore, using speaking pictures would turn to be priceless for you. It would let you dive deep into an amazing experience that is full of love and connected emotions.

Voxweb app is available for free download for leading Smartphones. Whether you are an apple or an android user, you can download the app for free of cost. Voxweb doesn’t levy any kind of fees to take pictures, nor does it have any hidden costs for letting you store the images. You can explore its free ecosystem today itself and start collating your child’s memories.

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