Question, share, create are key education


EducationI’ve said on other occasions that traditional school was designed for a predictable world (permanent). Instead, the school of our time, that which is yet to be built, must respond to a changing world (continuous movement). Therefore, men and women of our society can never stop, can not stop learning and training, because if you do run the risk of “losing his chair” and be offside in society, both occupationally and personally.

José Antonio Marina believes that knowledge is at the service of action. In his book The executive intelligence says that “intelligence is the ability to direct good behavior, choosing targets, drawing on information and regulating emotions.” The school of rote learning content, silence and obedience, must give way to a school of action where students are taught to make decisions, to give creative responses to tolerate the frustration of failure (error), to adapt to new situations …

Question … this is one of the key verbs of the schooling of the century. Not worth the blind acceptance transmit knowledge that teachers in classrooms, now it is put into question, to verify, to recognize their provisional. The student must be creator of knowledge, should raise questions rather than provide answers.

To do this, we must do more proficient students … must replace competition by solidarity. Share … this is another essential verbs of education in our schools. Collaboration is key in relationships established between people living in this fickle society.

People no longer need to be repositories of facts and figures. All that can be stored in external memory to mind. That frees our brain to enhance other capabilities. Create … and no play is the third key to the education of people in our society verb.

Question, share, create are the “three C” shape and meaning to school education of the XXI century, are the foundation for creating a new school.

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