Educational luggage


EducationTravel and educational processes are never the same for people. One man is an idyllic trip to another can be an unbearable torture. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary personalize education and waive formulas as the only unifying factor in the evaluation of the teaching / learning (I mean the standardized tests that are so fashionable in recent times).

For a trip it is essential to plan ahead. The first thing to decide is the place you want to visit and, depending on the chosen location, make a list of what you should bring your bags and luggage. You must know the climate of the place, most important customs, documentation you need to travel, the most appropriate means of transport to get there …

The same applies to education. Depending on the place you want to go, that is, in terms of the objectives to be achieved with the students, we put one thing or another in luggage. We will analyze what we need, what instruments or tools will be most effective, what teaching resources are adequate, etc. A well-made educational suitcase is therefore essential to educate. The bags, like educational projects, can not be improvised.

We must also decide what kind of trip you want to make, one that allows us to see many things in a short time or, conversely, one that allows us to know in depth. Imagine our boat crosses land, which will be done in a car. To travel by road vehicle, we must adapt our driving to the type of road on which we circulate and respect traffic rules. Circular speeding in a poorly paved, narrow and curvy road can lead us to have a fatal accident.

Education is the same. We must teach and learn at the right speed for every occasion, never forgetting that each has its own pace. Some students learn with the ease with which you are driving on a freeway and others, however, they learn as if circulated on secondary roads.

I would like to end this post with a reflection …

If, as I say travel and education have much in common, why we strive to close the doors of our classrooms (literally and metaphorically)? Educate and involve travel to share experiences and practices, learn from each other, collaborate and cooperate … so we must begin to teach our doors open classrooms (literally and metaphorically).

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