Need a Plumber You Can Rely On?

For the best home plumbing services and other home services in India, Housejoy is a renowned name as we provide you with the best plumbing services keeping in mind your needs and requirements. We are a company that connects the consumers to service providers and help them avail affordable services in the area including home plumbing services and other plumbing solutions. We connect you to the best plumbing services providers in town and hence, we are one of the leading plumbing service providers. Whether it is a leaking tap or a new shower which needs to be installed, you can always turn in to us to avail the best plumbing services in the area.

The quality of the services provided goes under high level of scrutiny which is done to make sure that the level of the services provided matches those of the industry standards. We provide you with the best options for plumbing services and solutions to all your needs related to home plumbing services with a team of highly trained professionals with an expertise in plumbing. We offer numerous plumbing services which include:

  • Leakage repair and detection
  • Replacement and repair of taps
  • Faucet repair and pipe repair and cleaning
  • Cleaning showers with repair and replacement
  • Bottle/flow/nanny trap cleaning and replacement

To curb any accidents or mishaps, we make it a point to take care of your safety and security. Since an external party is involved to provide you with the services, we keep a check on the service providers’ activities and maintain a record of his background check with a list of his family history and any criminal records. This ensures customer safety and security. Apart from the background check, we put to test the skills of all the registered service providers to make sure that the services delivered to you are up to the mark and do not lack anything. This is done with the help of our expert team who helps us provide certified expert plumbers offering home plumbing services. To make the user experience even better, we offer a seven day guarantee to our customers, according to which, in case of any errors in the services, we redo the whole work free of cost within seven days of the process. And due to the involvement of an external party which is the service providers, we also provide an insurance cover for any damage which might be caused due to the service provider and the insured amount sums up to a maximum of Rs.10000.

We take all the necessary steps to make sure that your experience while availing home plumbing services is good and that you are provided with the best service at an affordable rate. Regular quality checks and staff trainings help our service providers adapt to the environment and provide a healthy and happy outlook. Hence, considering all the above mentioned features, we would like you to avail plumbing services and other plumbing solutions using our home plumbing services at Housejoy and experience the best staff and services for yourself.

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