5 Modern Fashion Jewellery Pieces that are Available Online

Jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s life. However, with this integral part of every woman’s life being so expensive, it becomes difficult to own jewellery that is the real deal. But with fashion jewellery coming into the picture which are affordable yet stylish, having jewellery of various types has become possible without spending too much money. They are contemporary and have a chic and funky look to them unlike our traditional jewellery.


The availability of fashion jewellery online has made the task of mixing and matching jewellery, choosing the right type and getting amazing jewellery at reasonable prices is not a far fetched dream anymore! So, here are 5 fashion jewellery pieces you can easily browse through online and shop for from the comfort of your home.


Unlike the traditional payals, anklets are a bit more recent and are mostly worn only in one ankle. There are types that are extravagant that can be worn on lehenga-cholis and more traditional attires and then there are simple ones that you can even wear on skirts and capri pants. They look especially well with sandals, flip flops and are fabulous accessories that add to the elegance and beauty of your feet.

Bangles & Bracelets

The more modern types of bangles are worn on semi-ethnic attires or even jeans. The new types of bracelets mostly include charm bracelets wherein you add a charm one by one to fill your bracelet. The charms can include anything that you like, a star, guitar, eiffel tower or even cute little birds. They’re funky, new-age and definitely in style right now.

Hair Jewellery

Hair jewellery consists of various types of intricately designed hair bands, hair clips, rubber bands, tiaras, headgears and even comb clips. You can find multiple studded options or even simple ones that look fashionable and add more fun and glamour to your everyday hair-dos.

Body Jewellery

Body jewellery consists of adornments for various parts of our body which include toes, waist, arms and even your hands. Waist bands look extremely trendy on harem pants, toe rings are great to pair with anklets and fashionable flip flops. There are many arm bands that can be worn with sleeve-less tops or even simple tank tops to add to the funky quotient of your attire.

Beads & Charms

These are somewhat an extention of the modern bracelets. The different types of charms and beads contribute to your charm bracelets. Many unique designs for charms and colourful beads are available which you can choose from according to your liking and add to the many charms of your bracelets.

So, don’t wait any longer. There are multiple websites which offer thousands of varieties of fashion jewellery pieces that are an absolute must-have for all the divas who wish to be up-to-date on fashion. Just log on, explore the many options and you’re sure to find pieces that will suit your personality and add more style to your everyday get-ups. Happy shopping!

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