EaseUS Todo Backup – A Comprehensive Backup Program

Creating backups on a computer is important. We don’t feel the need unless something goes wrong, but there shouldn’t be a waiting for some mishap to happen in the first place. Better safe than sorry should be the ultimate motto of a computer user; having a backup for all important data could really save some important data from getting lost. EaseUSTodo Backup is a comprehensive backup program that offers all the necessary features in a compact interface. The free version is good enough for most basic tasks, and the paid versions provide a little more worth the price. And most importantly, it can perform Windows 10 backup and restore operations. Very few backup utilities officially support Windows 10 as of yet.


We had a session with the software, to break the ice and get to know each other better. We have found some pros and cons.

What we did like

Speaking of the pros of EaseUSTodo Backup, we really liked the backup options available in this software. Features include – file backup, whole system backup, smart backup consisting of various options and disk or partition backup. These are some basic features yet not available in all the backup utilities available in the market. Being able to clone a whole hard drive without taking any additional hassle is a cool feature to have, as well. A whole Windows 10 system backup had been taken during our test, even though the Windows version was technical preview yet it worked like a boss.

There’s a feature that monitors certain selected files for any change. Whenever a change has been made, the latest version of the file would be stored into the backup. No additional hassle needs to be gone through.

What we disliked tad bit

The continuous prompt to upgrade the software, inside the free version window is actually annoying. Occasional reminder is fine but once in every few minutes is highly irritating!

We didn’t encounter this problem on the Home or Workstation version, which cost $23.20 and $31.20 respectively.

Feature Wise Classification

The free version operates at the natural hard drive speed; no enhancement has been done so far in this sector. However, the Home and Workstation version seems to have some software based speed enhancement which speeds up the backup process a little bit.

The free version allows copying of hard drives and migration of an existing OS to a new disk. All sorts of partition tables and structures are supported. The workstation version allows the user to exclude files from a flock of backup files. Home version can’t transfer an existing system to another PC which the workstation version does smoothly.

As it appears, there are list of features for everyone. Picking up the correct one really matters!

Steps of the Backup

The two step process on Todo backup makes backing up easier. The first screen shows four different options to proceed with – disk/partition utility, file backup, system backup and smart backup. Upon choosing one, the next screen is where the user gets to mark the drive. Done!


To be able to avail all the necessary features at ease, we prefer the EaseUSTodo Backup Home edition over the free version.

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