Bless Your Stomach With One Click Food Ordering App

ONLINE! The word is slowly gaining its popularity. Thou it already owns a lot, it’s yet on a growing track. Since the time, the internet came into existence, only around 37.8% of the total population uses internet as per the study in the year of 2014. That’s the reason why it’s yet on the growing track. As per the study, it’s expected to reach its hike in the next 5 years. Why is the world transforming ONLINE? Be it important messages to saving your important work, every task is being done online. Why is that so? It is because of the increased interactivity, increased feasibility and flexibility, cut offs in the communication, saving time and many more reasons. Since, it is said everything has a good and bad impact on the society out there, even internet had many bad impacts. But they are negligible in front of the good impacts. Shopping, marketing, branding, advertising, banking, procurements, business etc can be done online now. Everything is right available for everyone out there for their feasibility. So there was one concept which wasn’t yet available online but, the genius minds have even made that possible. It’s about the online food ordering system. They bought its existence in the market, with the best possible solutions. There are various applications with various strategies. Few allow ordering the food only on net banking whereas few allow cash on delivery as well. Few allow both because it’s all according to their product life cycle and their client requirements.


At the age of 23, HarshVardhanMandad thought of coming up with his own venture. ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal were his team members and they were a clan of IIT alumni. The task of coming up with venture wasn’t that easy to come up with. The only responsible for this successful venture is Harsh and his team. They very well knew that they want to target a huge audience maybe that of entire country. But they wanted to expand slowly so they planned to initiate with Mumbai. Mumbai being a metropolitan city turns out easy to reach people at a faster pace. After conducting a brainstorming session, they decided to come up with the very first mobile food ordering system. They decided not to build a website based food ordering system since now-a-days people don’t use website. They demand for portability, feasibility, accessibility and so on. We audience demand so much that it turns out to be difficult for the team to come up with something which has loads of configurations and capabilities. So, they managed somehow to manage all the demands and give us a brand new product. This product is availed to us if and only if we own an android or iOS phone. It’s android and IOS since they hold a huge market share. So if they implement their application on this platform it would get easier or them. Thus later on they targeted various metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Gugaon. Once the application was launched, within the next 6 months they expanded their venture in those cities.

User’s response:

“I have no clue, what is the response of the people so far. Well, everyone has a different perspective and different requirements. But my prior requirement was food. I was delivered with the most amazing food. It was quite cold enough here in Bangalore to move out of the house. I wanted to eat something since I was lazy to cook food. What I simply did is that I checked out the play store on my phone for the food ordering applications. Gladly, I stumbled upon this application which provided the facility of ordering the food just with the few taps on the mobile. That is simply amazing. I just had thought of searching for some cuisines and accordingly customize my search and call the restaurant for placing the order. But, this tinyowl application provided me the menu on the screen with the ingredients available in it. That made it easier for me to decide what to add on and what not. So accordingly, I just had to place an order on this tinyowl application by few taps on the screen. Once it was ordered, the food was delivered to me in the estimated time period. Thank You tinyowl for respecting my time and my hunger.”

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