Teens vs. drones: Watch what teens think of these tiny flying machines


Drones do everything from spy on people to deliver packages, but what does the next generation of consumers think of this emerging robotics technology?

“People vs. Technology” is a new series in which teenagers test out the latest gadgets, from new-media production duo Benny and Rafi Fine (aka The Fine Brothers), who are best known for their hilarious “kids react” videos.

In the series’ debut video, we see various US teens test pilot a Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider for the first time — with entertaining and thought-provoking results.

Using the $100 (AU$140, £90) drone’s phone app, the teens try launching it in the air, flying it around, doing mid-air flips and landing it. At first the teens end up crashing the drone into microphones, walls and the desk.

In fact, the drone’s initial liftoff seems to startle the teens — there’s a quite a lot of squealing, and not just from the girls — but once they get used to the app and stopped flinchng, they’re piloting like pros!

“This is one of the easiest things I’ve ever controlled before,” teen tester Tori says in the video.

“This thing is crazy!” Alix says. “It goes off on its own and it does its own thing!”

The drone also has a camera on the bottom of it, which made the teens both concerned about privacy, and excited for the selfie possibilities

“That’s so cool!” Tori says with a smile. “I can spy on people!”

Olivia coins a new term in the video: “I can take a drelfie!”

At the end of their testing, the teens overall highly recommended the Parrot drone. “This is very fun and I could probably sit here for a good 20 hours just playing,” says Rae.

While playing with the drone was fun, some understood that this type of technology could end up changing everything from delivery to filmography.

“I feel like they could just change the way people do everything in their daily lives,” Sam says in the video.

“It’s cool that drones are being used for all these kind of cool things,” says Tori, “but it makes me nervous that they’re going to take over.”

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