SMS Advertising – SMS your way to success

SMS advertising is a type of marketing strategy which means to provide an experience to the audience, to be specific and to attract the target group of the brand. These advertisements are becoming strong day by day due to its high promotional rate through various means and one of the most effective tool of advertisements are SMS which can be welcomed offline as well as online. Advertisements have affected us psychologically as well as socially to such an extent that one cannot live without a certain brand of product due to its status, luxury and comfort. Every product which is advertised via SMS is a brand for a potential customer. The best part about SMS advertising is that it can cover a broad section of people anywhere any time without any hurdle of time and space. With the rising trend of technology SMS is the direct medium for marketing.



In the present scenario almost each and every one of us know how to read a text message and how to respond to it so making the best use of this factor SMS advertising is trending worldwide. The fast adoption of mobile phones and internet, SMS advertising has been receiving increasing attention due to its simplicity and innovativeness. SMS advertising is an easy thing to respond to since these days information that you need to know about a product is given in the message itself and sometimes helpline numbers are also given in case someone wants to take the next level of purchasing the product. Most of us opt for SMS advertising in concern to privacy; the concern is more towards the trustworthiness of the SMS advertisers so that trust and participation is encouraged in a free flow operation. SMS advertising is the most appropriate medium because huge brands can leverage their brand equity by building brand trust. This creates linkage between beliefs and behavior and maintains trust between them.

Benefits of economical bulk SMSis that a large number of group is targeted who in turn provides proper feedback about the product which lets us know whether the certain product is satisfactory or not, or what are the changes that is to be implemented to increase customer satisfaction and also looking upon the profit margin whether the product is giving profit or not. SMS advertising allows the person to know whether the product is advertised properly or not, knowing about the loopholes of the advertising can be used to have a better understanding of short comings and taking proper measures to correct them which in turns provide free market research and eliminating the re occurrence of an activity using business SMS. One of the major benefits derived from SMS advertising is that it helps us to know about our competitors, weakness in standards, free quality control, extra sales opportunity, retaining the customers , preventing complacency by providing objective, additional opportunity for customer contact and increasing sales and profit by maintain good healthy standards of operation.

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