Oh hell, No! The Sharknado 3 trailer is here!



Your sleeping has likely been interrupted nightly ever since you heard there’d be a “Sharknado 3.”

Once you’d discovered it would star both renowned tech investor Mark Cuban and renowned intellectual Anne Coulter, you knew this was the dawn of a new cultural era.

Well, now the first trailer has been released, and it’s clear that this astonishing TV movie franchise is sinking to deeper and better things.

Sample One: A shark wriggling in the lap of the Abraham Lincoln statue.

Sample Two: Someone shouting: “Oh hell, no!”

Sample Three: Mark Cuban, who plays the US president, armed, menacing and walking with that nice man from “Beverly Hills 90210.”

The Syfy Channel, which is airing this likely masterpiece on July 22, has a tagline: Imagine Greater.

Personally, I can imagine no work of art greater than these few seconds promise

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