Play Classic MS-DOS Video Games on Twitter


Twitter, everyone’s favourite social network slash micro-blogging platform limited to 140 characters, can let you play MS-DOS games on it. Perplexed? Read on to find out how and why.

It’s been a while since Twitter has allowed users to embed different kinds of media in tweets such as YouTube videos and Instagram images by just putting the link to it in the tweet. On purpose or by accident, this extends to playable MS-DOS games as well. Here’s an example tweeted by Chris Kohler of Wired.How can you do this? It’s easy enough. Simply head over to the Internet Archive’slibrary of MS-DOS games, click on a game you desire and copy the link to your tweet compose field and press send.

Furthermore, the games can be embedded into any iframe or WordPress platform as well. All you need to is click the share icon and grab the embed code that’s right for you. Don’t believe us? You can play the 1990 classic, Prince of Persia right below.

In January the Internet Archive brought over 2,000 MS-DOS games over to browsers, the ability to proliferate social media platforms with classic games just makes its entire endeavour a lot more cooler, and perhaps relevant to a generation that never grew up playing these digital slivers of goodness

While there are other ways to play these games, most of them aren’t exactly accessible to most. They involve messing around with programs like DOSBox in order to make these programs compatible with modern machines.

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